RAID with single physical drive?

Want to know if it's been tried before I head down a dark deadend. Can a single physical drive be divided into two identical partitions, then use the two partitions to create a RAID 0 array? May have just given away that I'm a newb to raid, but it came to me in sleep deprived state, and can't stop wondering! Any insights would be helpful and thank you in advance
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  1. Yes you can, on Linux and BSD. But it would be very low performance as you force the HDD to seek from one partition to the second partition; so even sequential I/O would have the low speeds of random I/O on HDDs.

    It could be done on SSDs however, though i doubt it would increase speed by any degree.
  2. Oh yeah, forgot about the head....Drat, seemed like such a good idea this morning... Thanks for waking me up!
  3. SSDs use RAID0 internally though, the Intel controller has 10 separate flash channels to use in parallel (at the same time). A HDD can only process one I/O at a time.
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