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Hey everyone,

I have a Logitech MX518 mouse and part of the mouse is "peeling." I'll try my best to describe, there seems to be a thin layer on top of the parts of the mouse that is black where my pinky and middle finger would normally rest on the mouse. I do not remember when the layer started peeling away but it is annoying to feel every time I hold the mouse and it doesn't look good. It looks exactly like your skin after it is really dry and starts peeling. Could someone tell me if this layer is on every mouse and what I can do to avoid this happening? I have owned the exact same mouse before without any problems.
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  1. Sounds like the plastic is delaminating; if it's under warranty, I'd contact Logitech. Just make sure it's not a thin layer of protective plastic put on during manufacturing that's supposed to be removed before use.
  2. Ya no, it's not something that is supposed to be removed, I got it about a year ago, I think it might be out of the warranty period.
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