Help, I need to know before tomorrow!

So, what should I upgrade? I mostly want to watch a full HD in my Samsung T260 26" LCD monitor since I'm a big fan of ESPN HD sports.

The system information shows in the benchmark:

CPU: P4 3.00GHz, Hyper-threading technoloy enabled
Memory: 1015MB, memory available for applications 420MB (this one always changing)
Graphic card: Intel 82915G/GV90GL Express Chipset Family 128MB

Tomorrow is the last day for me to return the Pinnacle PCTV Pro Stick HDTV tuner.
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  1. Well that CPU is to slow to encode/decode 1080p you will get lots of... "hiccups" for a lack of a better word. However If its a socket 775 then another CPU would be better also thats not much ram for those HUGE video files.
  2. Dang, I still have to buy a new cpu. I can't believe that 5 years old computer is so rotten already.
  3. Oh wait a minute, you said socket775? I just figured my mb has one. I guess I should upgrade to the fastest processor existed for this motherboard with socket 775.

    How much RAM should I upgrade to? (minimum wise)
  4. Well, RAM is very cheap now so I would go 4 GB. It will be enough for both XP and Vista for what you are doing.

    I am guessing your motherboard probably will not support 4 GB, or the newer processors very well even though they are LGA775. Your best bet is to get a new motherboard that will allow you use a newer processor and use more RAM. Since you don't seem that interested in gaming look for a board that has Intel x4500HD (Something like that) integrated graphics. You could probably get a good combo deal for motherboard and processor off
  5. IF that's the case, I would have to pay around $400-500. I'd rather buy a PS3 insteads....
  6. Well I used to run the pinnacle stick under a pentium D 820, since it didn't really tax both cores I would assume that it would be fine for watching HD w/ a pentium 4 at 3.0ghz. However it can only pull HD from over the air sources. To the best of my knowledge ESPN is not broadcast over the air.

    If you plug a cable/sat box to the unit it will downgrade to standard def. Have you tried it out? as long as your not charged a restocking fee I would at least give it a try.
  7. I have tried the cable, it connects great. However, I want to use it in a room far away from the cable box. Maybe just buy an extra large cable would save money than going complicated to get wireless.

    Your comment gives me the new idea.
  8. Okay, I give my PCTV one more day today. I am going to use it to watch MNF. Tomorrow will be the day for me to return it for a refund.
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