Looking for Advice on Updated Build

Hey guys,

I just updated my planned setup for my gaming rig:

Nzxt Guardian 921 Gaming Tower Case
Corsair CMPSU-1000HX Power Supply Quad SLI Ready
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E8600
Asus P5Q Pro
4 Gigs Mushkin DDR2 800 Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4870x2 DDR5 2GB PCI-Express x16
2 x Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM
Sony Dual Format/Double Layer 20X DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive Black
Vista Home Premium 64-Bit
XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler
Samsung 22" 2232BW LCD

You guys have been so helpful in the past that I thought I'd ask for your expert advice.

First off, this is going to be mainly a gaming computer, and I am considering OCing the processor to 4.0 to 4.3 Ghz or so, as the ease of OCing the e8xx series is one of the main reasons I am getting this processor. I am wanting to keep this computer as cool as I can considering what I am wanting to do with it; so I am looking for airflow, lower dust problems, and lower heat generated. I understand that 4870x2 can produce quite a nice amount of heat, but I am wondering if this setup will go a good way towards keeping it under control?

Also, as far as the PSU is concerned, I am considering making it as upgrade ready as possible. I may consider crossfiring a 2nd 4870x2 one day, when I can get the right monitor for it. I had heard good things about Corsair PSUs, most notably the 750TX, but was wondering if going the 1000HX route would be a smart route, or should I instead go with a smaller PSU?

Thanks in advance, guys!
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  1. looks like a good build to me... 1000 HX would be preferred from my side...
  2. can I ask what CL is that ram youre looking at ? make sure its CL4 , if it's a CL5 you're gettin ripped.
    CL5's are basically just oc'd version of 667mhz. You're going to want to look for a CL4 @ 800mhz, so incase you do want to OC it, it'll be around 5-5-5 = 1ghz or around there.

    I recommend Patriot Extreme (LLK) verions, its CL4 @ 800 mhz I use them I got bored and set it as CL5 with a little bump on voltage now im kicking 1ghz or so, and it only cost me 64 bucks to get a 4gb 2x2gb

    other than that, was there a real reason why you needed Asus P5Q Pro? Because From what I remember P5Q Pro and regular P5Q difference was Crossfire correct? by the time you Do want to go Crossfire, You'll prbably want to replace the motherboard anyways why not save that few bucks and just go P5Q green, it's what I ended up getting for my 4870x2 (2gb)
  3. btw if you're only going to be on a 22" monitor that 4870x2 (2gb) is beyond over kill, my 4870 512mb had exact same fps or very close to my 4870x2 (2gb) till i went over the resolution 1680xetc
  4. Thanks for the responses guys.

    The RAM I was looking at is:
    which says 5-4-4-12 timings on them. I had been hearing constant good reviews about these mushkins for OCing 400fsb and above.

    As I said, this setup was meant to be upgraded later on, as well as covering my current needs. The main reason I was getting the mobo was for crossfiring two 4870x2's at some point, when I got the money for a monitor/television that could use the settings. Perhaps just going one 4870x2 should be ample, though? Or maybe I could just go one 4870 for now, and then get a 2nd 4870 when I plan to crossfire for a better monitor?

    Also, have you had bad heat problems with your 4870x2?
  5. Also, here is one of the more recent forum topics in which I discussed the mushkins in, which was conveniently on Tom's Hardware also. I also addressed it on ocforums.com.

    Most seem to say the RAM should work well for my purposes.
  6. I'm by no means an expert (i have even built my first custom rig yet) but from all the research i've read if the OP is planning crossfiring 2 4870x2's or even just 2 4870's shouldn't he be looking at a solid X48 Mobo like an ASUS Rampage and not a P45?
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