Cheap Dual Core

Have a mobo - need a good cheap CPU - recommendations??

MOBO Specs

Brand = Albatron
NForce 680i SLI Chipset
Sok 775
FSB support 533 > 1333

Ram = 4x1G OCZ
Initially will run Nvidia 8800GT x1 - might SLI later.

Thinking Dual Core - want to keep cost down and get some mild oclox ability if possible. (not too radical)

Considering Wolfdale:
E7200, E7300, 7400 - Is there a big difference in these??
Would it be worthwhile to consider a 65 nm instead of 45nm??

Any comments appreciated.
I am trying to help out a friend who was given this board and ram. I am not up on the various model numbers and specs. This looks like a pretty nice mobo.

Thank you.
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  1. 65nm runs hotter and is not much cheaper.

    There is not much difference between the E7200-E7400 so I would go for the highest model as it can overclock better due to its higher multi. As long as it is not much more expensive, it should be fine.
  2. Are Pentium Dual Cores lower models compared to C2D? If so, what's the preformance hit. Are they like - less cache or something?
  3. Ewiz (superbiz) has the retail boxed e5200 for $66. It will run games fine. Check the "cpu support" section for your board on albatron's website to see if you need to flash the bios for newer cpus like the 5200.
  4. @o1die = wow good deal - except, I am in Canada - it's gets complicated with exchange and customs duties, etc. (not real sure how all that goes, but it can kill a deal real fast)

    But I really need to know how Pentium Dual compares to Core 2 Duo (general info). I am guessing they are slower????
  5. o1die made a solid recommendation there. something like the 5200 will overclock quite well and be a minimal investment to keep your 680i in business a while longer!
  6. Pentium Duel Core is a cache reduced C2D and there for suffers in some areas such as games, however Pentium Duel Core's still game just fine at higher clock speeds. It's still above AMD clock for clock, just not as impressive as say the E8400.
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