Where to buy a CPU cooler in Canada?

I need a low profile CPU cooler (heatsink+fan) for my lga775 Core2Duo E6550 Overclocked to 2.7GHZ from 2.33GHZ.
I want it to be quiet but better than the stock cooler.

I want it to be relatively small and light because:
I'm afraid that the cooler's weight can break my mobo if i drop the case one day and there's not much space in my MATX Mid-Tower

1. Which coolers would you recommend?
2. I generally shop at and, do you know any other good stores shipping to Canada?
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  1. is in the US but not far from the Canadian Border and shipos to Canada

    I'd suggest giving them a call and asking for recommendations. Also look at
  2. I found the "Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 pro" for 18$.

    Anyone tried this product?
  3. Look here to choose a low profile heatsink is related to NCIX I think, but usually a bit cheaper, and it offer free ground shipping when your order is over 300$.
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    I use NCIX and pricematch anything I get. They will match the price of any other canadian website's prices with a simple process. included.
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