Trim function for OCZ-solid ssd

Hello,i am using 2 ssd's in raid-0 in an Asus G71V notebook.these are the old solid ones with Vista Ultimate x64.
Can i use trim manualy,and where can i get a little tool(i am using now ssd-tweaker)
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  1. Vista does not support TRIM as far as i know. Also TRIM won't work with SSDs in RAID, unless you're doing Software RAID by the operating system but even then i'm not so sure.
  2. Thanks for the info,but i am doing hardware raid 0 (with 2 OCZ-solid ssd's)there is a tool called ssd-tweaker for Vista,which does this automatically,but i don't know if this works for me in raid.
    And i don't know how i can see this.
    But do you know if there is anything else i can do?or do my ssd's get slower all the time unless i stop with raid and use jbod instead(just a bunch of discs)?
    again thanks for your help corretje
  3. 1. TRIM does N O T _ W O R K with SSDs in a RAID array
    2. TRIM does N O T _ W O R K on Windows Vista; only on Windows 7.

    Whatever "SSD tweaker" does, it has NOTHING to do with TRIM.

    Please understand this carefully, TRIM does not work on your current system and will slow your SSDs down. Your options are limited:

    - break the RAID0 and re-install Windows 7 so you can use TRIM with 2 separate SSDs
    - continue to use SSDs in RAID0, but secure erase them and re-create the partition table. Create a single partition of say 100GB; leaving 20GB unused (never used). For even better performance you can pick 80GB here; leaving 40GB unused. Now continue installing Windows 7 or Vista to this partition and never use the "unused" space.

    Only the first option, migrating to Windows 7 AND giving up on RAID0, will get you TRIM support.
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