Bad drive or a Worm?

Having an issue with my HDD and before i take long steps to isolate the problem, looking for a consult in-case someone has come across this issue and can save me some time. It is a 320GB SATA2 Seagate Barracuda and is the C: drive for my windows 7.

Yesterday, AVG started giving me TONNES of "virus alerts" for crucial system files, and listed them as "not able to scan". Apparently these files were locked. Naturally i rebooted into safe mode, scanned several times, and then rebooted again.

After doing this, my C: drive now says i have ZERO disk space out of 297GB. I know i have roughly 100GB free, so i reboot and do a CHKDSK. It starts scanning and now tells me that some of those files AVG listed as "not able to scan" needed to be re-located, as well as having several bad sectors or something (i went AFK since this literally took hours, so I only saw some of it).

Scan finishes, reboots, then loads again to tell me that the drive is now clean. Great. I boot up Win 7, and now it says i have 0.98GB free. I open up C: drive, Ctrl+A, properties, and it says that all files on my PC amass to 175GB. That means there is more than 120GB missing somewhere.

Now at this point, I'm naturally thinking of a Worm which is eating up my HDD space. However I'm not entirely sure if it's most likely to be a Worm, or a dying HDD, and I've already virus scanned several times in safe mode with no results. I have had many HDD's die, however none have done so in this manner; generally they start by being unreliable, then start clicking, and finally die.

Now I don't' want to waste my time reformatting win 7 on a drive which may be dying, and at the same time i don't want to chuck this out and get a new drive if all this has is a Worm. It is also noteworthy that after all this i copied about 25GB of data onto another PC, and my drive now says i have 25.5GB left. If it IS a worm, this empty space surely should have been "eaten" by now?
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  1. get a program called windirstat to show what is using space on your drive. Could be hidden files that you aren't seeing in explorer.

    Use multiple anti-virus and anti-spyware methods to make sure your PC is really clean. Some of those buggers are TOUGH to get out. Might be worth a re-install anyways, depending on what the virus was.
  2. Thanks, windirstat said that my AVG Dumps folder is filled with 195GB of .dmp files.

    No idea how it got there or why it's there, but the system IS completely clean; used AVG, Hitman 3.5, and Malwarebytes to scan with no infections. Would have used Combofix but it has no x64 support.
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