Arctic Cooling MX-3

Just wondering if anyone knows exactly how long it takes to cure?

I've had it on for about 24 hours now and my PCs been doing torture tests for about 4 hours, and has been through about 7~ heat cycles, but I guess it's no where near enough.
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  1. What makes you say that? Please post additional information.
  2. Because I want to know how long until my compound reaches it's maximum cooling potential.

    I've hard Arctic Silver 5 takes 50-200 hours of heating to get to it's potential, but that's a thicker compound compared to MX-3 so I'm wondering how long MX-3 takes.
  3. I thought maybe you were thinking your temps are too high!

    The answer to your question is MX-3 is non-curing. The information is located at the Arctic Cooling web site:
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