Continious PC REBOOT Loop.

My computer keeps on looping, it starts loads up the gigabyte bios picture, most of the time loads till it says "starting windows" and sometimes it just loads the gigabyte screen and restarts continuously in a cycle. :( I ordered 2 exact same PC's and only 1 of them do it.
The specs are; i7 2600k, Gigabyte 6970, 8 GB Kingston 1600 MHz and Gigabyte Z68X-UD3h-BC which was replaced after one day because of a power surge. also : 990 WATT PSU.
I got this new PC it looped, returned it, they fixed it, it looped. Now sometimes this pc starts, like right now im on it. IT starts sometimes i also updated my bios recently and the guy had to change the ram from 1333 MHz to 1600 MHz because it apparently does that as default when its updated. i also had to have a keyboard replaced it just died from this PC, and had many issues with the usb ports than a driver fixed it.
And also hello im new to the forum. :cry:
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)

    990W PSU? o.O That's overkill for your specs. Check two things:

    1) The PSU - try using the same PSU with another machine and see if it keeps rebooting too.

    2) Might sound silly, but check your Reset button - if it's stuck, it might produce this effect. I'm serious - I have a friend who had that happen to his rig and when we found the reason, we were literally banging our heads on the wall from our stupidity... such a simple problem, yet so annoying!
  2. IT not the psu nor the button. :( Because the thing is after like 5-20 reboots i can get into windows and continuously play high demanding games non stop until i shut it down. than it keeps on rebooting.
  3. Theres some option in the Bios that will either reboot or halt system after power failure. Might be that the PSU is going bad. Like the other guy said try swaping out PSU and see if the problem continues. If might be some software that is causing the problem too. To go Computer Management ->Windows logs->look at the system and application logs to see if any warnings some up a lot. Also might want to take a look to see if the power cable or any other the psu are not torn or ripped.
  4. Hey i went to the "Windows logs" and than to "Application logs" there are 206 items under "warning and error" but nothing under critical. and most of them are caused by either: WMI , CAPI2 and APPLICATION HANG and most of the warnings are caused by: ASP.NET.4.0.3031, Restart manager and User Profile sercvice. IM EXTREMELY SURE IT IS NOT THE PSU because i can run the PC all day long once i get into windows. Guys please help i beg you im so tired of this. :cry: :sweat:
  5. How about the simplest solution... reinstall Windows? :)
  6. Do system restore to the earliest point you can find. If all fails try
    amk-aka-Phantom said:
    How about the simplest solution... reinstall Windows? :)
    make sure its a clean install.
  7. ^ DEFINITELY. Too many people use System Restore and then wonder how come 90% of the bugs/viruses and whatnot carry over.

    I just had a thought this morning. Did you by chance change the SATA mode from IDE to AHCI or vice versa after installing Windows?
  8. This morning i got a Blue screen crash of death and it said that : "Driver_Power_State_failure" could that be related? and ill give the pc to repair tomorrow from the guys i bought it of. they are a great service, If all else fails that is.
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