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:bounce: Been lurking round for a while, reading posts and trying to research as much as possible. Think i've managed to confuse myself mostly.. First build so bit of a learning curve, any advice would be great. Will be used for playing music, internet, photoshop.. generally at the same time. And games.. not hardcore gamer but i appreciate eycandy and cant stand lagging. Crysis and oblivion are two games id like to run smooth, amoungst others :)
Also keen to try my hand at overclocking, have tried to keep that in mind when choosing parts. Prices are frustrating me atm, from Aus and not much consistency in them.

cpu - Q9550. I had my eye on the Q9450 but apparently its not as good to overclock..

m/b - This is probably the one thing giving me the most trouble. Im undecided about which chipset to go with. P45 seems the more sensible way to go, but i want xfire and the x48 looks darn tempting, apart from the price.. And there's so many of the dam boards to pick a suitable one from.. not really a bad thing, just makes it tedious picking out all the differences. Also looking for raid 0 support. I've been reading alot of mixed reviews about asus.. duno
P5Q Deluxe
Maximus II Formula
MSI P45 Platinum

Rampage Formula
P5E Deluxe

gpu - Radeon HD4870.. is it worth the price jump for the 1gb version? If i get the 512 now it means i need a 512 in the future when i put a second card in, so would it be better getting the larger amount? I intend to watercool the system so the heatsink/fan will need to come off the card, dont need a flashy one that will sit in a box somewhere :) was looking at either asus or sapphire, cant really see much diff between them all tho.

psu - corsair TX750W

hdd - 2x 500gb 32M 7200RPM SATA2 Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS (in raid 0)

ram - ddr2 800 2x2gb

The case i seem to like is ridiculous.. haha.. x_x' thermaltake spedo advance. Better price than the SilverStone Temjin TJ07 which was also damn nifty.. Otherwise antec 1200 or CM Stacker 810 ATX were options. Have a dual radiator in mind, want it mounted inside the case. Those seemed likely contenders.
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  1. cpu - Q9550...good choice its a string oerclocker. Bear in mind the i7's are coming out i like two days :) so why no wait!!!!

    m/b......If your going to go with Asus, get the P5Q Deluxe, this will support crossfire and ocing! Otherwise i would go with gigabyte for their reliability

    GPU.....Games like crysis gowever are tailored to run better on Nvidia cards, but as a whole, i would go with ATI.......4870 1GB...perfect!!

    psu....its a bloody good one actually, with good power efficiency!

    HDD.....yea battacuda's are good and fast! Otherwise i would recommend Weston Digital as another good manufacturer.

    RAM....go with ddr2 1066 so as to free up some room for ocing! But only if your budget can strech! I recommend Corsair as a good company!

    The case is your personal prefrence really. I would go with the antec 1200 tho!!
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    m/b: if you want Crossfire, go with a X38/X48 motherboard. Gigabyte and Asus are the best.

    RAM: I agree go with 4GB DDR2-1066 if you can.

    4870 1 GB

    For the most part no, it is not worth it for the extra for the 1GB version unless you use a relatively large resolution and like eye candy.
  3. Argh yes the i7s, i'd luv to have one, but the prices be a bit high no? There's always that something a bit better that i could wait for.. and id never get anything, which is what im in danger of doing atm lol. The new socket does prove to be a pain for upgrading .. but lga775 will do me fine for now i think.

    I'll have a look at the 1066 prices, definately wont rule it out.

    Which of the Gigabyte boards would be a good choice? They seem to have the largest range. So the P45 chipset is the one to go with then? I've been swaying back and forth between the two for a while now, havent had anything concrete to make a decision on yet
  4. You can get Crossfire by buying an HD 4870 X2 and a relatively cheap P45 motherboard. That would be $530 for the video card and $105 to $120 for the MB (P5Q Pro, GA-EP45-UD3P). Alternatively, you could get the same results with an X48 MB (GA-X48-DS4, P5E Deluxe, Rampage $220..$300) and two video cards (HD 4870 1GB, 2*$300). Obviously the second version costs more, but it has the advantage that you can buy one card now and the second one later after you've saved more money.

    There's a Silencer 750W at newegg for $110 -15%. That's less than the 750TX ($100) and it's a better PSU. Mind you, the 750TX is very good too.
  5. The 4870 X2 is a bit out of my price range, thats $822.21 Aus min. My plan at the moment is to buy one card now and another later when prices come down... but i'll have to dig around for some prices and weigh up those two options, thanks!
  6. The Corsair TX750 is a good choice but you could get a PC Power & Cooling 750 W Silencer off Newegg for the same $125 original cost and it has a $35 MIR to make it 89.99. They both have 60A on a single 12v rail but the PC P&C runs about 10 degress C lower and the rails experience less fluctuations.
  7. My vote is for Mushkin's 1.8v ddr2 800 ram that runs at 5-4-4-12. It is warrantied up to 2.1v which gives you all the overclock room that you need.
  8. God people like to waste money on poor service with asus don't they?
  9. Asus new products are good. Forget what I said if you need to RMA the board.
  10. aurtehvier said:
    The 4870 X2 is a bit out of my price range, thats $822.21 Aus min. My plan at the moment is to buy one card now and another later when prices come down... but i'll have to dig around for some prices and weigh up those two options, thanks!

    Sounds to me like you want to go with crossfire then! In that case you want an X48 chipset motherboard, something like the GA-X48-DS5! Although it depends if you want ATI or Nvidia? I would suggest ATI (so X48 is for you), but if you want to go with Nvidia you will probably have to get a mobo with an Nvidia chipset....not 100% about that tho!
  11. Okay, the 750 W Silencer i'll check out too, thanks for the tip. And the Mushkin.

    As for Asus, i havent dealt with them but i've read alot of reviews against them (and for them) Poor service is only an issue if u get a dodge product, and they cant be that much worse than the rest?
    Im quite happy going with a gigabyte board, its what i have now and its run perfectly for years, just looking at options.
    I have had to go through corsair however, and they are pretty crappy getting back to you. Like not at all.. Their products are meant to be good though and are highly recommended..

    @peaks, Yes, definately crossfire. Definately ATI. Hence the crossfire ;)
  12. Dont get me wrong, Asus are pretty damn good and the P5Q boards are...IMO....excellent boards, but i think gigabyte are better! Your right tho, there is no need to worry about customer services, i mean that is something that can be annoying but it doesn't reflect on what the products are like. Anyway, if you do have a problem, in my experience if you just kick up enough of a fuss, you will get what you want pretty quickly. Corsair are the best for RAM, go with them. Something like this:
  13. okay something ive just noticed is that the width of the corsair psu is a bit much more than that of the cases. wtf? Am i reading this right cause the antec and the thermaltake are 21.3cm and 23.2cm wide respectively. The TT spedo has that panelling too, so u lose a cm or so.. corsair is 290 x 220 x 140. Kinda cosy, no? The Silencer is 180x150x80, much better.
  14. It looks like your considering some pricey components....I would seriously consider waiting for i7. With the new x58 chipset you wont have to choose crossfire or SLI cause you can get both (provided your MOBO manufacturer pays for the SLI license). The 920 i7 is priced below that of the Q9550 that your looking at now and when over clocked offers performance on par with the QX9770. The difference in expense looks like its gonna be in getting the triple channel 1.65 volt DDR3. but you can get a pair of 1 gb sticks and run that until the 3-2gb kits come down in price.
  15. Ah my appologies when I see Corsair I think RAM!!

    To be honest there isn't much difference between the two psu's, nothing that would really effect you. I mean the main things you need to be looking at are the watts and the efficiency and both are the same.

    I have the Antec 900 case and that would fit the silencer in fine, in your situation I would go with the Silencer also, I mean its just a safer option, you don't wanna get the psu and have a hell of a time putting it in!
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