What hdd and dvd drive for htpc

hi all
I have just purchased all the parts for my htpc apart from the hdd and dvd drive, i am looking for suggestions on both of theses parts

750gb+ or maybe a tb, do you have any suggestions

dvd drive
i need the dvd drive to fit in with this color case, haven't found any yet but hoping to

thanks to all replies in advance
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  1. I have an 80 GB SATA3.0 OS drive and a 750GB SATA3.0 Media drive in my system. Seems to work for me, but heaven help me should it fail. The reason I have a 750GB drive in my HTPC is because my 500GB drive failed. :( You may want to look into some sort of back-up solution for the media your store on your system.

    As for the DVD Drive, looking at your case, it looks more like that a drive door rather than a bay shield. Meaning it doesn't come off. The only time you actually see the DVD Drive is when you open the tray to insert/remove a DVD. I don't think you're going to find one that has a silver/brushed chrome bezel. Just go for a black DVD drive.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Do you have a budget?

    I would suggest either a SSD drive or 2.5" 7200rpm laptop drive (60-80GB) for OS & apps and then a 1TB drive for media storage for a silent HTPC system. If the budget is tight and you don't mind the clicks of a standard hard drive, then you can just get a single 3.5" 1TB drive for OS, apps, and media. Partition it if you wish to keep things tidy.
  3. DVD drive: Samsung SH-S203 series
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