humming screen (with stripes to boot)

i have a Mirai DML-519W100 LCD screen for my computer. however, i have a problem as well. if the screen is showing allot of white, it hums. and if i turn down the brightness even slightly, i get some odd stripes walking up my screen:
(this looks worse if you are not seeing it trough a poor phone camera)
and then it "hums" all the time.

is my screen slowly dying, or does anyone have a suggestion?
also, does LCD screens have a problem with magnetism? it is standing next to some fairly large speakers.

any feedback is welcome.

(why did it make me select a sub category? this is a display, and that is not an option)
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  1. ok, i dont know where all that /n and /r came from, and now the forum wont let me edit my own topic.
    please try to comprehend the text as it is.
  2. RMA? how long have you had it? have you contacted the manufacturer?
  3. I have had it for about two and a half years, and the Danish laws gives you two years of RMA.
    I have not contacted the manufacturer.

    the screen is starting to flicker a little even while at 100% brightness by the way. i guess i might as well start saving for a new one.
    can anyone recommend a cheap gaming monitor (24" might be best, then i could watch full HD on it.)

    still, i would love any advice on improving the Mirai.
  4. k, after 2 and a half years the (whatever things that produce the colours and brightness) are probably too old and are now starting to die...
  5. you are probably right.
    can you recommend any brand or specific model?
    i am pondering about a Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM
    it is available at about 500$ in Denmark (i know that is much more than in us, but that is true for all electronic consumer products)
  6. sorry i dont really know that much about monitors... perhaps create a new thread in the monitors section?
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