Gigabyte G41M-ES2L OC issue


As because I'm time limited, I'll simple copy & paste the email that I have just sent to Gigabyte's Global Technical Support. By reading my email you'll know what my problem is. Any advise will be more than welcome.



I'm having troubles with this motherboard. I have been using a NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS 128MB graphic card since I buy the G41M-ES2L and I have been happy with it because I was able to overclock my C2D E4400 up to 3.0GHz with the default core voltage (1.3250V) as many other people have been able to achieve.

A few days ago I purchased a ATI XFX HD 4770 512MB and since then no matters what I put on the CPU Host Freq (even 200 - C2D E4400 stock) my system doesn't boot, not even POST. It gets turned off and then automatically is turned on and it boots fine but ignoring the OC settings. I have been able to verify that when the CPU Host Clock Control is [Disabled] my system boot without any problems.

For me it's pretty clear that your motherboard has an incompatibility issue while attempting to OC a C2D E4400 with a ATI XFX HD 4770.

Hope to get a solution for my issue.

Thank you,

Model Name : GA-G41M-ES2L(rev. 1.0)
M/B Rev : 1.0
BIOS Ver : F4
Serial No. :
Purchase Dealer :
VGA Brand : ATi Model : XFX HD 4770
CPU Brand : Intel Model : Core 2 Duo E4400 Speed : 2.0GHz
Operation System : Win 7 32-bit SP :
Memory Brand : Kingston Type : DDRII
Memory Size : 2 x 1GB Speed : 667
Power Supply : 500 W
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  1. Not necessarily a compatibility issue. Have you tried resetting everything and starting from scratch? Your new GPU might have changed the power balance on your setup, necessitating a new start.
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