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PC fit for the BIN, MOBO/PSU issues?

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November 12, 2008 4:22:19 PM

Hey everyone,

This is my 3rd thread on this, I have had nightmares with my PC and now I have finally decided to send it to the grave where it can rest in the BIN!

I had initial hardware problems with faulty graphics adapters etc. If I can sort this out before tommorow i might keep it! otherwise I really cant waste much more time sodding around with it.

I have tried everything from new graphics cards to new ram and its just not letting up.

I have the following setup:

MSI RD480 Neo2 Socket 939 MOBO
AMD AM2 Socket 939 X2 3800+ Toledo (Dual Core)
2 x PC3200 DDR (1 X PnY DDR 1gb) (1 X Kingston 184pin DDR 1 gb) ** BRAND NEW RAM **
2 x PC2700 DDR (1 X ValuSave Corsair DDR) (1 X ECZ DDR)
1 x WD Caviar 40gb
1 x Seagate 80gb
1 x WD ICL35L 80gb
1 x WD M-S92 500gb ** BRAND NEW HARD DRIVE**

1 X PNY Verto Geforce FX5200 (128mb) (PCI)
1 x PCI-IE ATI Radeon X600 Pro (PCI IE)
1 x PNY Geforce 9400 GT (PCI IE) - In the box again, not being used

I have disabled the ATI Radeon X600 pro and am using the PCI Geforce graphics card because of the constant problems.

Problem 1:
The new PNY Geforce 9400 GT works in my machine, but will only run one screen, I have 2 monitors plugged into the DVI sockets, but only one will work, the graphics card is brand new and never been mishandled, one of the DVI Slots works at a time even at BIOS startup, the other monitor grabs a signal for less then 0.2 of a second before getting no signal?

Problem 2:
The ATI radeon works on both screens, but no matter what configuration I setup, screen 1 always starts at the wrong resolution when loading into windows, as a result the taskbar goes onto screen 2. I set Monitor 1 to have a resolution of 1280 x 768 and monitor 2 at the same resolution, but when I reset, monitor 1 goes to 800 x 600 and monitor 2 switches off, I have to click "Extend my desktop" for it to reenable monitor 2, which has the taskbar on. I tried everything from new drivers to rolling back drivers to trying ultramon, no matter what, the only time it would work properly was in VGA Mode.

Problem 3:
Windows lags so badly I can actually go and make a cup of tea and a sandwhich in the time it takes to open a winrar archive, or the time it takes to open Device Manager, the lag is so bad I cannot be bothered turning the pc on. I am competent with windows and there is no spyware, no viruses, no software causing this lag.

I am running an AMD X2 3800+ AM2 Dual Core Processor and yet only 1 core shows in windows, despite there being 2 processors in the device manager! Windows runs out of memory after a short period of running? yet MEMTEST says all my memory is ok? I have installed the XP hotfix for dual core processors, checked the registry in the controlset, I have done everything, yet no hint of processor core 2?

Problems im getting are as follows, Windows lags when doing anything, wether its opening a file, creating a document or trying to open device manager, the lag is so bad, windows can take up to 5 minutes to open a program, when I check the CPU usage, its low, sometimes between 1-5%, the Page file usage is low and it just seems to idle? Sometimes the lag gets so bad the whole pc just locks up for 20 minutes before responding.

I have checked all the device drivers, all are up to date and working, I have no malfunctioning on board devices and am not overclocking the board at all.

I have checked the following:

All contacts are clean, the DIMM slots on the ram where cleaned with compressed gas. All molex and ATX connections are firmly in place, all devices are plugged in properly

I have tested windows installations on 3 of the internal hard drives, the pc still runs like S****

All memory is seated correctly in the DIMM's, Memtest cleared all of the RAM during its 10 hour long test. All ram is showing in Windows.

There is one thing I am suspicious of, The PSU?
I checked the BIOS, and my 12+ was only giving 11.1 - 11.3v? I couldnt get a good reading from the Multimeter as it kept causing the PSU to cut out then start again?

I got 12v but the multimeter does not seem to be accurate. The BIOS shows all other figures to be within 10% of the required voltage, just the +12v rail seems to be a bit low, the PSU is a JSP Sprite Switching Power Supply, it seems like a shoddy power supply but it looks nice and the box says it has the following features:

It has short circuit protection, 100% Burn in test and Vibration test, it also has Hi-pot test and leakage current test?

It complies with the FCC and has a load of other approvals? the PSU offers 450w but i dont know if thats peak of continuous.

Im at a loose end, its either the MOBO or PSU?

The PC works but it runs like a 1980's 386?

Any answers anybody? or shall I scrap it?

Ive wasted more then 5 days sodding around with it, im tempted to throw it since the AMD processor, MOBO, Ram and Hard drives are heavily outdated?

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November 12, 2008 5:13:58 PM

What brand and model is the PSU? If it is choking from merely having a multimeter put on it, I'd say it's done. In that case, as it died who knows what else it damaged?
The graphics issues are probably resolvable in drivers. The facts that you A) have mismatched RAM, and B) have a MSI mobo do not inspire great confidence, but I don't think would account for the extremity of your situation.
Since your final observation is somewhat accurate, if you have the budget for a new build, that might be the way to go. If you're not a gamer, or only play casual games, the 9400GT would be ok, but if you play games, you'll definitely want something better. If you're interested in a new build, post your budget, intended uses for the PC, and any parts you'd like to re-use, and I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestions.
November 12, 2008 5:15:37 PM

Thanks for your reply!

Ill try another PSU, if that doesnt work, ill start from scratch, might go for the AMD Phenom Tri Core :D 
November 20, 2008 6:01:48 PM

From the OP"

"2 x PC3200 DDR (1 X PnY DDR 1gb) (1 X Kingston 184pin DDR 1 gb) ** BRAND NEW RAM **
2 x PC2700 DDR (1 X ValuSave Corsair DDR) (1 X ECZ DDR) "


Am I seeing things or is your RAM completely discombobulated?

I would go out and get myself some matching RAM before I did anything else. I'm not sure if this configuration of RAM worked in a previous system, but I could really see this as a possible source of all your lag.