How to overclock AMD Athlon II x4 620 @ 2.6 Ghz

I have an HP p6214y and when I go to the BIOS>Advanced settings, there are no options for overclocking or anything. Is there a tool or software to do it?
Also, I have a question with unlocking L3 caching on this CPU like this. How do I do it if the CPU name is not selectable in the BIOS advanced settings?
Here is the specs for my system.
Thanks for all answers!
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  1. buy a non-HP motherboard most computers that you buy from places like hp and dell are made so that you can not overclock your cpu. there are sometimes ways to get by that but most of the time when you get a pc from a computer company you get this problem. sorry to bring you down but thats how it is
  2. I've been out of the loop a while, getting back into things, but I'd imagine if you find your MOBO model and check for a BIOS update you may get lucky, or use AMD's Overdrive software which lets you OC from Windows.
  3. ya you might get lucky with a bios update or a way to get the bios to oc but your best bet is a new board maybe like this but there are more out there only thing is most hp cases dont allow for non hp boards do to not having holes for the stand offs. but take a look and see if they are compatible if not you might have to invest in a new case as well which might not be worth it atm im not sure what kind of situation you are in
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