OCZ Reaper 1066Mhz 4GB + Kingston 2GB 667Mhz

Before I get an OCZ Reaper 1066Mhz (DDR2-8500) 4GB memory module , I had a 2GB Kingston 667Mhz value series RAM kit. Now I want to run a benchmark test with '4GB 1066Mhz' vs '6GB 1066Mhz + 667Mhz' using both my RAMs. Is this possible? OCZ reaper operates at 2.1v and Kingston operates at 1.8v . So using both RAMs at one time may occur a problem?
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  1. That would depend on the motherboard. The Reapers MIGHT run at 1.8V if underclocked to 667Mhz.
  2. Thanks for the reply. My motherboard is Foxconn Mars. It normally supports 2.1v for memory. However will OCZ reaper work under 1.8v ?
  3. I doubt you'll know for sure until you try.
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