Massive heat spike after certain speed

For the longest time I could only overclock my HD3850 with the overdrive part of catalyst. The temps would be relatively nice 30C idle and under 60C max load. But for some reason when i over clock anything past the max that overdrive does my idle jumps to about 55-60C and load is pushing close to 90C sometimes. I have no idea why its such a huge jump just from a couple extra MHz on the core or memory. Anyone help or answers would be appreciated.
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  1. Did you change the fan speed? And is it not downclocking when idle?
  2. Well sadly the fan speed does nothing i can shut off the fan and the temps stay the same. It doesnt look like it downclocks at all when it idles guess mines a little odd. Its a Sapphire one that works perfectly fine cept for if i push it past 720 core or 950 mem(overdrive max clocks) the temp jumps up. Ive also tried a mod for it which it downclocks on idle and it had no effect what so ever, even though it said it was clocked at 200 instead of the 810 i had it at.
  3. If you use ANY other method to overclock besides CCC, it will not downclock. What I had to do to my 4870 Vapor-X was mod the BIOS of the card to show the different clocks for idle, HD decoding, and load, and it worked just fine (except I pushed the VRAM a wee bit too much and it would lock up about once a week).
  4. I see not too worried about the clocks though more or less the temps are whats worrying me. Haven't see a GPU run that hot in my life.
  5. Really? Must have missed the HD2900XT's, then. Also anything in the 8800 series from nVidia runs particularly hot. I had an 8800GTS 320, and it would regularly hit 70C idling, loaded around 95. Even my Vapor-X HD4870 (with an awesome cooler) had to have the fan speed forced to 60% else it would sit around 70 idle, and the VRMs at load, no matter what the fan setting, would always hit around 110C. Mind you, this was also in a case with ridiculously good cooling.

    But GPUs are meant to be able to withstand extreme heat (100C is fine for most of them, unlike CPUs that usually don't like going over 85).
  6. So those temps are a ok then for an HD3850 on the stock cooler? xD Managed to get it to 810 core and 1008 memory idk how good that is but it seems like a nice jump.
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