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Thanks in advance for any advice offered. My computer is dated but im not a heavy games player so it has done what I needed it to do up to now. I use it for the internet, my business accounts and football management games.

I cant play football manager 2009 on it and I would also like to play the new Blood Bowl game when it is released in the new year. Im not very knowledgeable with computers , but I would like to upgrade the graphics card, but im not sure what the processor will handle and if I will need to, or can change the power supply unit.

Any advice to upgrading the graphics card would be appreciated.

Intel pentium 4 processor cpu 2.40 ghz
512mb ram (im going to upgrade it to 2gig, if you could tell me if this will be ok or if my processor will handle more i would also be greatful)
Power supply unit 250w
pci-e slot
monitor - packard bell a727

If you could recommend to me a graphics card that my processor will handle and if I will need a new power supply unit, monitor etc or if there isnt much i can do about upgrades. I was looking at the Nvidea geforce 8500gt 1gb graphic card but i dont know if i can make it compatible.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. GPU : you might be ok. you can still take a look at some ATI card that seem to be better bang for the buck atm.

    PSU : if you can change it, CHANGE IT.

    RAM : More will help

    A complete new system would be much better. for 400-500$ you can have a complete new BOX to play your game.
  2. +1 for new system... upgrading such an old system isn't very rewarding, 'used money vs increased performance' ratio isn't that great...

    E5200 $82.99
    ASUS P5K PRO P35 $102.99
    HD4670 $69.99 (with rebate)
    4GB DDR2 800 $59.99 (or 2gigs and save a little)
    Antec Sonata III $129.99
    WD 640GB $74.99

    total $520.94 with quick browsing, might be possible to shave off a little if spent some more time
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