Building a new PC - Requirements and parts, what should I go for

Hi everyone

I have had too many problems to list with my current PC, I want to build a new pc or buy one from eBay,

I need some feedback and input on what I should get for my requirements.

My budget is 600 pounds, if I can sell my current pc, Ill have 850 - 900 pounds for a PC,

These are my requirements,

I need a powerful machine to multi task heavily with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MySql, Visual Studio 2008, UTorrent, Adobe Premiere etc.

I want the PC to be able to run some 3D Pc Games such as BIO Shock, World of Warcraft etc. I dont play games very often but id like the ability to do so.

What processor, MOBO, GFX, PSU, RAM should I go for?
I like the sound of the AMD Phenom?

I already have a 500gb WD Sata 2 hdd and a PNY Gefore 9400GT?

I have seen some powerful systems on eBay ready built with 4gb Ram, Intel Quad Core etc?

I would rather buy a complete one if its going to be quicker then ordering all the bits, what would be the best thing to do? I want power but don't want to pay through the roof for it?

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    That will cover it. After the first post you will find a link to my personal parts picks. There's also links to various UK online retailers.
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