Diskette Drive O seek failure. Alert! System Battery is low

When I logged on to my Dell desk top I get Diskette Drive O seek failure. Invalid configuration info - please run SET UP program.
Alert! System battery is low.
What does this mean?
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  1. The BIOS is configured to look for a floppy drive that isn't there... go into your CMOS setup and tell it that you have no floppy drive. The "system" battery is the battery that provides power to your CMOS chip so that the settings will be maintained when the power has been removed. It is a button-cell battery (usually CS-232) on your motherboard. Replace the battery and the message will go away.
  2. Thanks Zoron for a quick reply. I guess I lucked out. It was my surge protector that malfunctioned. Bought a new one and everything works fine. Thanks again.
  3. I would pull that battery and check the voltage... it's a 3V battery, so if it's anything below maybe 2.8V, replace it.
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