Which CPU will overclock higher?

Hey Guys,
i can use your help as to which cpu to buy. I can buy the new core i7 930 for $290, or I can get an unused core i7 940 running at 2.93 for only $10 more. I know the lower core I 7's can overclock like no tomorrow, but do you guys think that the higher clock of the 940 should translate into a higher overclock also?? Thx a lot
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  1. For just $10 I'd get the 940, but they will overclock similarly as the chips will reach similar overclocks, but in theory the 940 will reach higher overclocks as it is a higher binned part.
  2. Thx guy, so far i haven't found too many useful overclocking guides for the 940. I've read the 930 can hit 4.2 on air, so I'm assuming the 940 for the same price should hit a tad higher.
  3. That's a tough call, especially since OCing capabilities between chips of the same model vary. If it was up to me I would save the $10 and just get the 930, but maybe someone more experienced with these chips will disagree.
  4. The thing that is throwing me also is the steeping of each chip. I think the 940 has an old steeping (EO) and the 930 may have DO which may make it overclock differently. I'm leaning toward the 940 myself and thx for all the help. :lol:
  5. Does anyone have a guess what difference the stepping makes in the overclocking??
  6. The D0 stepping in theory should make it overclock better, but it also depends on the individual chip.
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