Cant access hardrives after using boot cd

My raptor finally bit the dust after 5 years.. so i figure.. no problem, use a boot disk, access my big remaining drives, move some files around to free up one for a win 7 install..

Unfortunately, after finally get a boot disk to work, i cant seem to access my remaining hard drives. They show up with some file recovery programs, but not under any programs that actually move files around.

Its a p6t deluxe motherboard.. have the drives all hooked up to sata. Was a vista install on the raptor..

Any suggestions that will spare me having to buy a new drive?? I have tons of room left on my other drives..


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  1. What boot disks are you trying and how are the drives in question setup (primary partitions, disk encryption, etc...) and is it the drive(s) aren't showing up? Or going into a directory gives access denied?

    The latest WinPE disks should be able to access most systems drives with no issue.
  2. I tried winpe.. pretty sure its the most recent version. The disk that worked the most for me was the "Active@ Boot Disk".

    The drives are just one giant partiton, and no encyrption. The drives dont show up in any kind of file explorer apps, but they show up in drive testing apps. I just want to move files around!


  3. OK, you didn't say what kind boot record is on the drives. Are they "Dynamic" disks? There are issues there.

    Can you boot the Windows 7 installation disk and see the partitions? If so, use that PE environment to drop out to a prompt and move your files around.
  4. Forgive my ignorance.. what are "dynamic" disks? When i installed them, just did a basic format. No seperate partitions.

    I will give the win 7 disk another shot...
  5. It's an option to convert a disk to Dynamic. It gives some extended capabilities to the drive from the OS but also messes up some backwards compatibilities.

    Other options to try... If there is anywhere else you could install the OS, even if just temporary so you can access and manipulate the data how you want.

    A 2nd PC with an external drive case or dock to access your data drives via USB.
  6. I am borrowing a spare drive from a friend. Plan to install that temporarily, install win 7 on it, move files around, then reinstall win 7 on one of the giant drives. Was just looking for an easier way till i can get the drive from him.

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