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I have my PhII 925 x4 OCed to 3.78GHz @ 1.55v. On another forum a guy said, "1.55v is the limit so I wouldn't keep it there for every day use. Now that you know it's stable I would back it off to 1.45v and just OC to 3.4 - 3.6 or so. That's where I keep mine, 3.4 @1.39v." I spent a lot of time and money getting it to run this high and I would rather not downclock it. So my question is... just how much degradation will I see from this OC?
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    There is no hard and fast answer to any question regarding how long something will last if overclocked/over volted. 1 day, 1 week , 1 year.... you are operating in a space that is not spec'ed or warrantied. How long does an engine last if you go 1000 rpm over redline?

    I would say stick with what you like. If you enjoy your overclock then keep it there with the knowledge that it may fail someday. If you cannot afford to overclock then take it back to factory speeds....
  2. Stay under factory recommended voltages and temperatures and short of a random failure, the odds are that you CPU - and the rest of the system - will be obsolete before the CPU dies of overclocking.
  3. That was kind of what I was thinking. I will most likely be replacing it when i get back from my 12 month tour of Iraq. I leave in mid September, so it only has to last me that long. Hopefully they will have all the new CPU's out when I get back at the end of November:)
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