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ive tried increasing clock on that voltage but i keep getting restarts.


not sure if i can drop latencys to improved performance or even how too.

Bascially i want to increase performance all around. lets hear it. my temps are around 48 degrees celsius at load.
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  1. you might want raise ht ref and lower the multiplier but it your ram is runnning peak performance it might bsd so if it does you will have to lower the speed of the ram so you dont crash. you could also increase the multiplier and the vcore but to get past 4 your goin to need around 1.55 or higher to get it stable enough to do anything. ive seen some as high as 1.65 at 4.2 so letting you know its going to be angry at you haha and read at a higher temp do the the higher voltage. and unless the amd overdrive for the 965 is different then the 940 you can only get to 1.55 in amd overdrive so if you want to get higher you are goin to have to set that in bios
    hope i could help some
  2. what does raising the ht ref do? just increase clock speed like the multiplier but in shorter increments?
  3. the ht ref is your fsb its the thing that is multiplied but the multiplier. it basicly controls the tranfers to and from cpu and memory and everything else. i might not be exactly right but i bet someone else will explain more in detail but you figure out cpu speed by multiplying FSB aka ht ref and multiplier so 200 x 18 equals 3.6 ghz 200 being the ht ref or FSB and the 18 is the multiplier
  4. Your northbridge speed, hyper transport link, cpu clock speed, and ram clock speed are all multiplied by your ht ref, if you increase it all of those things will be increased.
  5. i might just keep it at 3.8 and try to drop latencys on the ram.
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