GTX 280 Uses Dual-link DVI-I!

I'm trying to plan my upcoming homebuilt but I've run into some video card conundrums. Articles I've read on this site say that DVI is on it's way out. How come nVidia's latest consumer video card, the GTX 280, has two dual-link DVI-I ports (and an S-video port)? It is especially worrisome because I can't seem to find any LCD displays that accept DVI-I. Everything takes DVI-D or HDMI. I'm a noob when it comes to the latest tech because I haven't built a system in over five years. If you could, please point to some LCD displays that would work great with the GTX 280 so I know what kind of things to look for. Thanks!

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  1. Hi! I'm sorry I come from a networking background. To me DHCP means "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol". I couldn't find an alternative meaning with google. What does DHCP mean with respect to video?

    Here are some pictures of the DVI interfaces:

    So I could use a male dual-link DVI-D cable in the female dual-link DVI-I interface on the that what you're saying? Cheers,

  2. I think I might have found the answer myself. Please tell me if I am wrong:

    The female dual-link DVI-I port on the card can physically accept any DVI cable, thus it will accept a dual-link DVI-D cable.

    I saw mention of HDCP (as opposed to DHCP), but it seemed something relating to digital copy protection. Is this what you're referring to?

  3. Cool, thanks for the help. Now on the same token, I'm finding lots of LCDs that are DVI-D, but not many that are dual-link DVI-D. From what I understand, dual-link provides additional bandwidth, and thus allows the display to show more frames at higher resolutions. Is my understanding correct? Is this what I would want, for example, if I want to play the latest highly resource intensive games? Where can I find such LCD displays? I'm likely not going to go more than 25" displays. Thanks,

  4. You've been a great help to me, which is very much appreciated! You probably saved me some money too :P


  5. Quote:
    Dvi dual link is based on the gfx card, it means that the dvi socket has two transmitters instead of one and is only needed for resolutions of 19 x 12 and above so unless you are going for a 30" LCD there is no need for it, however all monitors nowadays should be compatable with the dual link dvi connectors, these have a few extra pins IIRC.

    In fact, even 1920x1200 @60Hz can be driven over single link DVI. Dual link is only needed for 2560x1600@60Hz. I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. I think he was referring to HDCP, which everything (monitor, comp, etc.) has to have to play HDCP movies at full quality, or something like that. I've never used it personally.
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