My BIOS GONE...NEED Help people!!

hey guyz this is my first post :hello:
have been a active member of this site..just never registered...
well this is my story :cry: :heink:
Yesterday my CPU was showing 3 cores...Intel Q6600
because the technician once updated the bios and i never looked at it again..
yesterday had alook at the realtemp and saw that it was showing only 3 cores.
went to cpu-z same situation..
so then searched and found out that the bios update doesnt detect 4 cores..
so had to upgrade to the latest one...
as i was updating thru @BIOS Giagbyte Utility
i choose the F9B version(beta vesion but latest..that was the only one available)
and then first it downloaded it and then it written erasing your BIOS
i though yeah ok it will first erase my bios and then install the new one
but when the ersing was complete
the computer got stuck.....
waited a few mins and then restarted it
nothin comes up on the screen i was like WTF.... :o
since then have tried removing and placing the battery
disconnecting the HDD
starting and restarting it but no luck :ouch:

so BASICALLy my mobo bios has been erased....!!!
what to do know...
btw there is a thing written on my mobo as CLR CMOS..
i know it is kind of a flash but what does it actually do??
will it solve my problem

btw called a friend(not a good techy person) he said that your cip is fried
get a new mobo....
i got if this is gone i am parents will kill me:D)

Note:-one reason i am thinking that the vga cable i have attached to the gou not the inbuilt one on the mobo...does it make any difference???
i could have gone for the usb reinstalling thing but the fact is that nothing comes up on the screen so no luck of booting it with a flash drive and installing it again
can my mobo be fixed or what???

Q6600 (Go)2.4
2 gb ram dual channel 667
8800 gt turboforce edition
Gigabyte P35 DS3l rev 2.0
550 watts psu

need real help guyz
thanks in advance
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  1. Its not the motherboard thats dead, its just the bios chip that is empty. De solder the old one, and solder the new one in. See, simple?

    NEVER reboot the computer while flashing the bios. Leave it running while you race to a knowledgeable forum asking what to do next.
  2. Your motherboad has virtual BIOS, an utility to recover from bad flash. Check your manual
  3. Do what Pat said it sounds like same thing below but my way is the manual pain in the butt way lol.
    This is for a award BIOS I believe that most gigabyte boards run award BIOS on them. I have personal used this before so I know it works (it was from a different sight that I cant find). This is a pain in the butt to do or at least I think it was but it does work and its better then buying new motherboard or trying to solder on the motherboard.

    Good luck
  4. Quote:
    btw there is a thing written on my mobo as CLR CMOS..
    i know it is kind of a flash but what does it actually do??

    It dose the same thing as removing the on board battery.

    If you DO have a P35-DS3L you don't have on-board so VGA cable being bad is out.

    Try this from another PC:

    Go to Gigabyte website download the F8 BIOS extract it.
    Then format a flash drive in FAT32, put ALL the extracted files (including autoexe)

    Go the the PC with the problem. Remove DVD RW, and all other drives.
    Plug in USB drive.
    Boot PC and hold down <END>.

    Hopefully this will/should work.

    This is why I always say NEVER FLASH BIOS FROM WINDOWS
  5. @all
    thanks all of you
    what is the virtual BIOS?
    as i said i cant even get to the screen.......just blank..nothing shows up..

    thanks for the advice will try it for sure but then again
    i cant even boot
    whenever i on my computer just a blank screen comes up

    if my mobo is fired..
    the problem is convincing my parents to buying me a new one:(
  6. your manual should have some kind of information about it, or just look at the CD that you got with the mobo. I never had to recover a bad flash, but I know that most gigabyte mobo has an option to recover.
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