1st DIY, Connecting HardDrive, DVD and Motherboard

I have installed the all components into the case. I figured out the Front Panel and CPU fan connections. Now I am working on the DVD Drive and Hard Drive Connections.

The DVD drive and Hard Drive have 3 potential "out" plugs to receive a cable.

I am guessing that I should be using the SATA Power and SATA (DATA) cables and ignoring the "8 PIN" slot on both drives. I am also assuming that I should be ignoring the "40 and 80 Ribbon Cables" completely according to my Hardware components.

Here are 3 picture links. First 2 are for the drives, 3rd is the ribbons I think I should be ignoring. (First time using ImageShack as well, hope I did it correctly.)


Also, should I be connecting each drive separately to the motherboard and PSU? Or should I use the "double plugs"? The ones with identical "male" connectors at different parts of the cable?

Finally, here are the three components below if anyone needs to know what I am trying to connect together.

Hard Drive

DVD Drive

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  1. You are correct in almost all of this. The "8-pin" slot is not a connector for a cable. It is a set of jumper pins used for special purposes, and you should ignore them completely. The SATA data cables only have two end connectors, and each goes individually from a drive to a mobo connector. Use the regular SATA connectors - don't use the one identified for SATA RAID. For power to the devices, it is OK to use then cables with two power connectors on two devices - the cables will supply the power OK.

    By the way, I don't recognize the labels "SATA_E1" and "SATA_E2", so read your mobo manual to see why they are identified this way.

    Yes, you are not going to use the 40- or 80-conductor ribbon cable for IDE devices - you have none.

    Just a note of caution regarding the front panel connections. The cables and connectors going to the front panel for USB2 and IEEE 1394a (aka Firewire 400) look almost identical. But you MUST not switch them - hooking up an external USB device to an IEEE 1394a port (or the other way around) can damage the mobo and kill the port. So be sure to read the mobo manual carefully and identify the right mobo connector for each of these, and the right cable to plug into it.

    When you get to connecting up the power supply to the mobo, besides the 24-pin white connector on the front edge near the long RAM slots, don't forget the 4-pin white power connector (for the CPU) at the board top edge between the CPU socket and the copper heatsink.

    You've already found the connector for the CPU cooling fan. For case fans there are two connectors. One is near the bend in the copper tube near back edge, marked "CHA_FAN1", and the other (for a second case fan if needed) is by the SATA connectors and the round silver battery. Beside "CHA_FAN1" is one marked "PWR_FAN" - it is for a 3-wire connector coming out of the power supply IF you have one - some don't. If there is one, this just lets the mobo BIOS monitor and control the speed of the fan inside the PSU.
  2. Thanks for the detailed help on what to pay attention to and what I can ignore. I'll triple check the connections I think I already have correct and also the new connections I need to make for power and data. I don't think I am close to powering up yet, but already a little nervous. I remember reading in the Mobo manual, regarding one of the SATA connections that one is to be used and the other is for some type of "back-up/dump" feature. I didn't know what it was talking about so I assumed I should ignore that function.

    Thanks again for helping.
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