Want an upgrade on an old system - which gfx card?

O.K... So I have a six year old P4 1.5 Ghz / 384 - 32 (Onboard Video card) = 352 MB SD RAM / S3 Graphics Pro Savage DDR :pfff: on Ubuntu 8.04...

Well, I'm having lot's of problems especially on Blender and games... The gfx card can't even run Blender and Google Earth. So I think I will upgrade my graphics card and buy about 512 MB of Memory(I would have to remove a 128MB memory stick)... The Memory would cost Rs 1000 (20$) But I can't decide on the Gfx card to buy. I would like to work in Blender, play a few FOSS games and work with OGRE. I would like to buy a cheap GFX card that goes well with my processor. I CAN'T buy a new system now. I would like to keep this system for one year more before I buy a new one. So here are the choices for the AGP cards :-

1)Palit FX 5500 :- Rs 1800 (About 40$)
2)GeCube R9250 :- Rs 1900 (Also About 40$)
3)GeCube R9600Pro :- Rs 3100 (About 60$)
4)GeCube Rx1600Pro :- Rs 3900 (About 80$)
5) POV 7300GT :- Rs 3800 (About 80$)

I think an FX 5500 or a Radeon 9250 should do. That is what I actually plan to buy. But if that is completely bad, I might settle for a Radeon 9600 Pro. I don't think my processor is that good for a 7300GT. Also I have an AGP 4x Slot.

Another noob question :- Will these cards take memory from my system RAM like an onboard solution does? I don't think so...

Please help.
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  1. You may want to check the most recent "best cards for the money" for December 2008 and look at the AGP list.

  2. Well, here I'm in India and have written the cards which are available at the mentioned price. An HD 3xxx would or an HD 2xxx would be extremely costly and I don't have that much money. Also I don't think it would be of much use with my P4 1.5 Ghz and Memory. I only have about 100$. 20$ is for the RAM. I think I should buy a Radeon 9600 Pro.
  3. I`d go for the FX5500 because it`s DX 9 while the 9250 is DX8.1 and the 9600 pro would be wasted (sorry to be so blunt) on your CPU.
    And no, the extra graphics memory will not require to remove system RAM.
  4. All right... I 'll just buy an FX 5500. it's quite better than Radeon 9250 and very cheap too. Also it is from a good manufacturer (Palit). How much times should it be better than my IGC? 3 - 5x I guess..
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