First gaming build - what mobo for these components + GPU question?

I'm interested in building a mid-high quality gaming PC, with a price range of 1000-1500 CAN. This is my first time assembling my own PC, and I've been trying to do as much research over the last couple weeks as to which parts are good/bad investments. I'd like to assemble a system that isn't too expensive but also won't be inadequate in a year or so.

I'm having a really hard time settling on a mother board, or even knowing everything that I should be looking for?

So far I'm leaning towards:
Antec 1200 case (Is this over-kill?... I like the blue LED fans, hah - Considering the 900 as well)
AMD X4 9950 BE
750w Corsair PSU
Two HD 4850 512 in a Crossfire set-up
A 500gb HDD
4gb of ram (for now)

I was looking at the M3A79-T Deluxe, it's 230.00 CAN, but I feel like this board is offering a bit more than I need..

Would I be better off getting ONE 4870 1GIG over 2 4850 512s in crossfire? What about 1 4870 512 over the 4850 CF setup?
Or is the price jump to a 4850 X2 (2 gig) worth it over the previous two options?
(I understand moving up to a 4850x2 might be putting me in a completely different ballpark, try to answer my questions keeping in mind that I don't want to spend more than I have to, but I don't want to be replacing parts soon either)

I appreciate your input, thanks for reading - It's kind of a long post.
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  1. Well I think that for two 4850s you may want to consider this gigabyte board

    It does have the SB750, but of course if you're not going to overclock then a board with the SB600 will be just fine. That ASUS board you picked is a good board though if you don't mind spending the money for it. The Antec 1200 might be a little better for you if you're going to overclock, but if you want a small, cheaper, and still good quality case get the 900. I would go with the 900.
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