I have a 120 gig hard drive but it showing up as a 30 gig

i got a new 120 gig hard i install xp on and upon completion of installing xp the hard drive now shows up as only 30 gig what did i do wrong and how do i fix it
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  1. Well what brand is the HD? right click my computer then click manage. Look at what it says about your HD and post it here
  2. If you can check the hd size in bios as well
  3. You may have put a jumper on the HDD that limits its size; try removing all jumpers.
  4. or the obvious... what was the size reported before windows was installed? it could be a drive failure
  5. You may have partitioned it on setup by mistake?
  6. Oh,, no worries. I had the same experience when i reloaded my Windows XP. My 50GB movies took the drive but just cannot detected and show themselves.

    Finially some friend recommend me to use this recovery program here http://www.icare-recovery.com/ and retrieved all the files.

    My friend got this program from giveawayoftheday.com for free and recommended this one to me.
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