5770 wont boot unless pcie freq=auto

I got a HIS HD 5770 and installed it in my computer, it worked no problems, but then I tried to load the overclock, in my bios, that was running before installling the card, and it wouldnt boot. As soon as the gpu fan comes on, the system dies and reboots with its stock bios settings. After a fair bit of head scratching, I managed to get the system to boot with an oc, but only with pcie frequency set to auto, if I try lock it to 100 it wont boot. I want to go higher on the oc, but am afraid the pcie freq will get too high. Also I have experienced occasional blue screen and freeze when gaming, due to the card. Any ideas on how I can get the card to operate normally when locked to 100.
its not ram or anything else, the oc works without the card installed.

G31m es2l
2gb kingston hyper x

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  1. umm... you're doing it wrong mate!
    If you want to overclock you VGA card, try increasing the frequency of the gpu and the video ram. You can also volt-mod the card to increase the voltage that goes to the gpu for even higher numbers (requires VERY good cooling, usually water so I don't recomend it unless you really know your stuff. You can kill the GPU easilly if you're not sure what you're doing). All of the above can be achieved through software from inside windows (from catalyst software even!). Trust me, increasing the PCI-X frequency has minimal to none effects to performance (from personal experience).
    Try searching a little bit on the net and I'm sure you'll find the answers you're looking for
  2. sorry, i must have not explained myself properly, I am not trying to oc the video card, I meant my cpu, but because I am raising the cpu clock speed, I thought this also raised the pcie speed unless pcie freq is set to 100, from auto, but I can not boot with the pcie freq set to 100, it only boots when on auto, which means it has been raised with the fsb, or will the auto setting always keep the pcie freq locked to 100?
  3. AFAIK PCI-E frequency is independent of the FSB. No changes to the fsb will change your PCI-E frequency. For love of the all that is good and right, someone correct me if I am wrong.
  4. ahh, I hope your right, I must have been dreaming or something, always thought the PCIE frequency should be set to 100 when oc'ing. Thanks :)

    o yea, also wanted to know if anyone knew why this was happening, computer wont boot when overclocked with pcie freq set to anything but auto?
  5. as far as i know, this is neccesery to lock the PCIE frequency when overclocking, because the pcie frequency do raise up when the fsb is. althought, I think you should do this oc again perhaps because maybe the northbreadge is overheating because of the new video card and maybe its somthing else.
  6. Maybe your psu aint supplying enough power for the OCed cpu. what psu are you using? :o
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