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We are building a budget disk array and we have decided to go with Norcotek RPC-4220 rack and Adaptec SAS 5805 controller(so we could use SATA and SAS drives).

Now we are facing a problem. Controller only have 2 SFF-8087 ports, but the rack tower has 5 of them(1 for every 4 drives). We are now wondering, how to expand controller's 2 ports to connect to all 5 ports on rack array.

If I understand correctly, we could do it with SAS port expanders. Is this correct?
What port expander is the right one? Can someone give me an example?
Will performance drop sugnificantly with port expanders?
Any other suggestions?

I know 1 controller is little for driving 20 hard drives, but there won't be much traffic. It will serve as an arhive for video files and a few SAS drives will be used to web pages...

Thank you for you help, Matej
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  1. You should return the RAID card and buy one that has 5+ SFF8087 ports. There are several on the market. I do not know of stand alone Expander cards... most are either on a back plane or a main board (along with a controller in on the main board.
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