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I am wondering what the best price/value is for the current ssds on the market. i am looking to upgrade my game storage so i do not bottleneck my 5870.
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  1. Bottleneck a videocard? You should know that SSD can help with SSD gaming times, but generally do not increase the FPS (frames per second) of your game. It does decrease loading times.

    The benefit of SSDs is quick booting, quick launch of applications, instant application response, etc.

    If you are in the market for an SSD, i highly recommend the Intel X25-V 40GB or the X25-M 80GB. Both are excellent system disks that will be useful for at least a decade.
  2. what i mean is i play mmos and in a huge world with an extreme amount of information games can load certain npcs or player characters slowly and an ssd helps with that as well as the other things you listed
  3. If you are talking about World of Warcraft, that would qualify as one of the few games where an SSD might make sense. This is due to the nature of the game: it is an online world where many players with different equipment can run into your area and the WoW client dynamically loads textures as needed; causing random I/O on your large data files.

    I play WoW too, and SSDs certainly make loading and switching realms alot faster. It also prevents FPS hickups whenever a player with uncached textures run into your playfield.

    Other online games similar to the concept of WoW might similarly benefit from an SSD. Normal games, however, can just load all textures needed for the level as it knows what it will need, unlike with WoW.
  4. thanks :) yeah ive grown fond of mmos over the last couple of years because i like not having to start over but the fps hiccups are all im trying to look at getting rid of but thanks for the help i think im going to go with that ssd :)
  5. The ssd I would go for would be most likely the intel x25-v, or the ocz agility 2. there both really fast, but the agility 2 is faster or around the same in every aspect, but more expensive.
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