Cosmos 1000 case for two ati 4850 in crossfire

Is the cooling in the coolermaster cosmos 1000 good enough for the heat created by two ati 4850s? Also, a side question, what is good ddr2 ram (4gb) that cost less than $100 US dollars? Thanks in advance.
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  1. The 4850 now have new sinks so its not as hot as the refrence sink design. The cosmos is good enough. A friend of mine is using the cosmos S with dual 4870 (Asus custom sinks) - no problem.

    A Good DDR2: try GSkill Pi Black Edition, or Black Dragon standard or Evo-one series.
  2. ^+1 like ZeCow said...go for 4850s which come with aftermarket coolers and not the reference coolers...

    try this one its frm sapphire...gud reviews for it...
  3. thanks guys (or girls), just needed to be reassured.
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