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So I am awaiting my pc's 2nd arrival from cyberpower, the first time my psu failed because I accidently picked out a POS no name 700w

I have a concearn about the overclock, I have been reading that excessive OC will limit your CPU lifetime, and can cause other problems. I have been out of the pc world for a while so i am trying to catch up to the times.

Here are my pc components:

CPU: i7-860 @ 2.8ghz
Ultimate OC ( OC 30% or more)
Asetec liquid cooling
GPU: radeon HD 5850
Ram: 4gb @ 1600mhz A-data gaming series w/ heat spreader
mobo: gigabyte p55a ud3 3.0
PSU: 850w corsiar
HDD: (500x2) raid-0
I think that's all the vitals.

Should I be worried about limiting the life of my PC components or damaging anything? I am willing to adjust the OC downward if needed.
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  1. Does Cyberpower ship it overclocked or will you be overclocking?

    Overclocking does degrade the overall life of a CPU and has potential to damage the CPU, but, it is an unlikely event.

    using a generic example here to help clarify:

    average life of a CPU @ stock settings = 10 years
    low-mild overclock may take a year or 2 off that life = 8 years
    mild-extreme may shave a couple more years = 5-6 years

    so, at least, your overclocked CPU should last 5 years with extreme overclock.

    Also keeping in mind that the coller you keep the temps of the CPU, the longer it will live.

    Now, ask yourself, in 5 years from now, if your CPU dies, will you lose sleep? Personally, i wouldn't as i'm sure that 5 years down the road there will be better offerings and the Core i7 will probably be outdated. Ki9nda like a P4 now...
  2. Thanks for the input, no I am not doing the overclock, and no I will not lose sleep over that, I will prolly udgrade everything by then anyway.
    Luckily I paid a little extra to have a digital temp display of the CPU, gpu, and harddrive with a fan control, so hopefully overheating will not be a problem
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    Also 30% of 2.8Ghz is only 3.6Ghz - I'm doing that at stock voltages, so I don't think you'd get any issues. What I'm trying to say, is their "Ultimate OC" would be more of a "Standard OC" on here (although you did say 30% or more, chances are it'll be closer to 30% than 50%).

    Makes sense because they want their product to be reliable and last a long time. I'm pretty sure you'll be as safe as houses.

    Note with the fan controller though, unless its software driven, it can't actually monitor the proper CPU temperature, it'll probably just be measuring the air temperature near the CPU.

    What I do is run HWMonitor (free program), then play games (to check normal load conditions) or run Prime95 (to check maximum load conditions). It will store your max core temperatures, so you can check on them later. Being a pre-built, I'd expect it to be fine.
  4. Thanks too both you for your input, I was hoping they wouldn't go too crazy on the overclock anyway.... Let's see if the dam thing works this time, far cry 2 looked so amazing on that rig until it shut off shortly after the first gun battle started.
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