5.1 suround sound not working

I have an EVGA 610i motherboard and logitech 5.1 speakers. They worked great. I formatted my hard drive to reinstall windows Vista 32 bit. I installed the driver disk for the motherboard and all other drivers. When I try to listen to music in Media player or Zune software or Media Center, all I get is 2.1. When I go to the control panel and try to configure my speakers. The test will play in the 5.1 and sound will come out of all the speakers. So is that a software problem or a hardware problem or anything else? Please help I miss my speakers being louder.
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  1. Well i have a same situation too,i had enabled 5.1 sound in control panel and when i played a music with WMP i had 2.1 sound but with jet audio it was fine
  2. You need to reconfigure your driver/playing software to reproduce your 2.1 channel music over 5.1 channels. There should be a setting called "reproduce stereo channels over additional channels". Creative calls it CMSS 3d or something of the sort.
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