My 'c' drive is showing wrong memory space


in my pc c drive is showing wrong memorey space where it have.

In my c drive, its capacity is 10 gb and it contains 6.25 gb, but when i look at c drive property's it shows 9.5 gb .


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  1. Please consult this link to learn about the differences between decimal and binary numbers:

    In your case, 10GB = 9,31GiB.

    If this is not what you meant, please ask a clear question and give some background information.
  2. sorry u cant get my question

    actually my c drive memory space is 10 gb

    i used only 6.25 gb

    when i check my c drive properties its showing 9.5 gb used space and 254 mb free space

    i think u got my point
  3. So you have 'invisible' files that are about 3GB large; and you wonder why and how?

    think about the pagefile.sys, hibernation file, system restore and other services. That will consume space. If you want to free up that space, try the Clean Up Wizard or whatever it is called on Windows. It will delete unnecessary things and give you more space.

    But what you see is normal.
  4. get a utility called windirstat - it will show you fairly clearly what is taking up space on your computer.
  5. I done every thing (disk clean up on windows and disc defragment )

    but it shows incorrect memory
  6. Have you emptied the Recycle Bin?

    Some OS's are set to make system backups in the background, and these can fill up a lot of disk space because the old ones are never discarded.
  7. Exactly WHY do you think your disk space is being reported incorrectly? (Your hard drive is not "memory" by the way). I am inclined to think that maybe you are mistaken about only using 6.5 gig of space on your drive.
  8. Dear, that's because of virtual memory, right click on my computer go to the advanced tab, performance, choose settings, and again advanced tab, virtual memory, change, now set the disk space or turn off paging file mode to have your entire space back.

    if the problem isn't yet solved .. don't let me know please :non:
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