Dell xps i7 Temp1 overheating!!!


I have recently bought a dell xps studios with new i7 core( 920) with 6 GB of memory, and a ATI HD 4850. Although the machine run is very fast ,I found that temp0 from "speed fan " and CPUID hardware monitor is running very hot. The temp0 which is suppose to be the whole system box temperature is running at 68* C and it never move up or down.
I checked the other temperature and they are all where they should be in. All 4 cores temperature are around 36 to 40 C in idle. ATI HD 4850 GPU core temperature is stable to 57*C in idle. They all rise up When I played a game or try some heavy computing. But the temp0 is surprisingly hot and never move.
When I putted my hand behind the casing fan, I felt that the temperature is not much different from the room temperature. But the power supply fan is running a little bit warm , maybe around 70 to 80 F but definitely not 67 *C because 67 degree in Celsius is more than 140 degree Fahrenheit. That is too hot.
I have upload a screen shot on Flickr site in below and highlighted the temperature

I uninstalled speed fan because it 's core temperature reading is not accurate. It was showing 30 *C below other program.
I would like to know what is this temp0 stand for and should I be worry about this and return the computer to dell and ask for a new one?
If this is a CUPID reading error, I'll just buy a better CPU cooler which would fix in my my dell xps studios box.
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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. It could be almost anything, and it is unlikely to be a problem (most computer parts don't have a problem with 67C anyways). If you are truly concerned, call Dell XPS support - they usually know what they are talking about (unlike the standard Dell support, which sucks).
  2. Thanks, I 'll Call Dell XPS support and ask them what going on with the temperature.
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