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I have 2 servers 1 production and on just a lab test. I have a suspect drive in my production server raid 5 array. Could I down both servers and pull 1 drive from my lab server's raid 5 array and swap it with the suspect drive in the production server?

I'm not sure since the lab drive would have array info on it already what would happen.
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  1. Depends on your RAID5 controller; it has to detect that the "swapped" drive is not the same as the one you removed. Thus the RAID5 controller has to go to Degraded mode, allowing you to rebuild the array using the swapped drive from your test system.

    However, any errors during rebuild may permanently cause data to be lost. This is not risk-free!

    If you just want the problem on your server to go away, check the SMART information of each drive to see if it has any cabling issues (UDMA_CRC_ERROR_COUNT) or unswapped bad sectors (CURRENT_PENDING_SECTOR).

    Information about the used RAID engine would be useful.
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