Some general RAID0 questions

Hi. I have a few questions about RAID 0. I've looked at FAQs and Googled but nothing really answered these questions...

Ok, so I just bought a new PC but I reused my old HDD. I don't know the exact RPM and cache size at the moment but it's a 300GB. I guess the most simple question I have is do I need to buy a HDD with same RPM and cache sizes? I already know the storage space will be as much as the smallest but nothing has really covered the other parameters.

Second question, I already have stuff installed on it. I know I will most likely need to reinstall Windows and all that which isn't a big problem, but my question is will it completely reformat the old drive or will it keep all my files in the Windows.old file? Particularily I don't want to have to redownload a few of my games.

Last question is that I've seen a lot of mention concerning installing RAID drivers and some Intel Matrix stuff. I know I have these driver disks for my old PC but my new one I have Win 7 and the mobo is an MSI P55-GD65, and there was nothing concerning RAID driver installs. I think they might already be on it (I've been in the BIOS and I seem to recall seeing relevant options). So, basically, is that normal (pre installed RAID drivers) for new mobos/OS?

In the end I might end up having to buy 2 new HDDs and then I can direct copy my files which would work out alright I guess.
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    1) Drives can have different sizes, caches, and speeds. But to some degree you'll be wasting capacity and performance of the faster/larger drive.

    2) Putting an existing single drive into a RAID 0 set will wipe all the data on it. You'll need to back up any files you want to keep to another disk (or DVD or whatever) so that you can restore them once the new set has been created.

    3) Windows 7 includes the RAID drivers for most of the motherboard RAID chipsets. Since you'll have to reinstall Windows anyway after configuring your RAID array, you should get the required drivers automatically, so there really isn't anything to worry about.

    Don't forget to have a backup strategy in place. If you don't have one already then that alone would make it worth getting two new HDDs so that you could use the third, older one in an external enclosure for backup.
  2. Thanks I think I will go with 2 new HDDs. I found a couple 500gb, 7200RPM, 16mb cache for $50 each so not too bad a price.

    So if I plug them in, enter BIOS and set it to RAID 0, then reboot and boot of the win 7 cd and install win 7 from scratch it should all work?

    After that I'd plug in my old HDD to copy the game files and such to save time from redownloading.

    Anyway, thanks for the info that's pretty much what I needed to know.
  3. Yep, that sounds like a sound plan.
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