Hey guys, need help

Hi there! Honestly I didn't know where to put this thread but I'm in some serious need of help.

Firstly, my specs.

Antec 1200 case
X48 mobo
2x4gigs of DDR3
GTX 260
E8500 3.19ghz
Seagate 1tb HD
Extreme 900watt PS
22inch moniter

Secondly, the problem.

Okay, so I was playing GTA IV today, and then all of a sudden... my computer turns off... then turned back on. Mind you, I didn't touch anything. It just turned off by itself. I didn't know what to make of it. But then when I got to the logon screen... my resolution was HUUUUUUGE. So now I went to Control Panel> Display> Settings, and I noticed that alllll of my previous resolution settings, are gone? It only allows
1024x1280(Doesn't work)

In that order.

Also, when I go to apply 1024x1280 it just says "Out of Range"
But when I apply 1680x2100 It does apply, but it's VERY small, and every thing is smashed and disproportionate.

So I figure It has something to do with my drivers, which I have a feeling it does. Because when I uninstalled them, everything went back to normal. But when I reinstalled the most recent drivers it brought me back to square one. I don't know what to do, I'm not a computer know-it-all, I'm just a gamer :D

Please help, if you have any questions I'll answer them to the best of my ability. I'll be refreshing this page like every 2 min cus I can't play anything =/.
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  1. Okay I did some digging, it seems as though this guy had the same problem.... but no one helped him with it.


    Any help would be much appreciated. I think it might be the card, seeing as how both of us have completely different cards.
  2. Okay, not that any one cares or any thing I found out the problem. After switching my 260 with my 7950, I can safely conclude that the graphics card took a dump. Sadly enough I had to write an RMA to get a new 260, so for the time being I'm using my 7950. But if any one has this problem in the future you're going to have to get a new graphics card, or a replacement =(.

    Hope this helps any one.
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