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How to remove the write protection from a blanck CD

I just bought CDs and all of them say write protected. These are empty and I need to use them. How you remove the write protection?
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  1. You don't, there is no WP that I know of for a CD. If you bought some CD-Rs, just put them in and use them.
  2. only if they were used!
  3. Unfortunately, I have the same problem. I bought a big new set, from COSTCO of blank CD-R's. I'm trying to put photos onto the blank CD's, but each time it says that it can not copy onto. And says that I must REMOVE WRITE-PROTECTION on the CD. ??? :sweat:
  4. Did you ever get this solved? I have the same question as you and can't find an answer online. They are brand new blank CD's CD-R, 700MB.
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    you may have to format the cd that should help. just right click on it
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