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Remember the old tech support joke about the guy who used his optical drive as a cupholder? This isn't quite that bad, but I just can't figure it out. I just bought a Sony Vaio E series. When I went to do the system backup, the discs would not fit into the optical drive. The hole in the disc is not big enough to fit over the drive spindle (?)--whatever you call the thing in the middle of the disc drive. I'd be grateful for any help, as it's a new machine, and I don't want to damage it by tinkering with it.
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    It must fit. It MUST. The dimensions of the discs and the drive "spindle" are standard, accurate. You have to press harder on the disc. That spindle thing has 3 clips which block the disc into place. You have to press harder on it. No fear, it won't break.
  2. Thanks a bunch. I was getting confused because the hole seemed smaller, but it was just like you said. I put it over it, pressed down, and it popped right in. Cheers. :D
  3. Since your only response was a put-down, I'm puzzled as to why you bothered to reply at all.
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