Can i upgrade 65nm to 45nm

i have a dell inspiron 530 intel pentium e2180 2.0ghz 800fsb 65nm
i want to upgrade to a intel pentium E5300 2.6 ghz 800fsb 45nm
is this possible i have up to date bios and drivers for anythang i need i have never upgraded a processor but i have did cd dvd drive hard drives and power supplys but not motherbourd or processors i will give any info if it helps
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  1. it depends on your mobo, if you can use CPU-z to find out what the mobo is then you might have a chance of finding out, however it being a dell itwill have a crippled bios. Dell might have a list of suitable upgrade processors.
  2. it should work , if the bios supports it . Do other 530 come with that cpu ? If yes then I don't see why noy . I just upgraded from a t-75-- 65mm to a x-9000 45mm with no problems , both were same bus speed and my MB and bios supported it
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