4000 Canadian. Gaming Rig!

Ok so I have 4000 canadian dollars to spend just on the computer. Iam willing to wait for i7 so just give suggestions please. I cannot go over 4000 btw. like not even buy a dollar. thanks! btw the sites i will be using are www.newegg.ca and memoryexpress.com just fyi. also i already have a vista home preimum 64 bit and im assuming i dont need to get ult? :bounce:
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  1. if you are looking for the best deals, I strongly suggest www.shopbot.ca. Places like bestdirect.com, directcanada.ca, ncix.com and tigerdirect.ca have great deals.

    As for the equipment, you probably want something along the lines of:

    i7 965 extreme cpu
    x58 asus motherboard
    hx1000 psu
    3x 2gig ddr3-2000 ram
    4870x2 video card
    gh22ls30 dvd writer
    multicard reader
    24inch screen
    g5 mouse
    keyboard of your choice
    your choice of cpu case (I like tj09) and cooling system (water or air)
  2. ok thanks i already have a onitor keyboards mouse os ect have all prephirals. im like the silverstoner tj07 or the lian li pcp80 any suggestions on which i should pick
  3. silverstoner, lol!
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