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Got a ASUS P5B Deluxe with a e6750 on a ZALMAN cooler. Runs with a MSI RX1900XTX 512MB and 2 GB OCZ PLAT DDR2 PC6400. Im getten a 9800GT 512MB (a much needed upgrade). Im currently using XP and getting vista (solely for dx10). was wondering how much ram i should be running with vista? Is my 2 gigs fine or should i get newer ram? or should i get the same ram but an extra 2 gigs? or should i upgrade my cpu or mobo or something dif?
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  1. CPU is good for what your doing (casual gaming im assuming)
    the 9800gt will speed up the system in games, ur ram should be fine unless you run serious multiple apps, then 2 gigs would not hurt, then your going to need a 64bit version of vista...if its a retail version then call up Microsoft tell them ur serial then they ship you a 64bit disc for something like $10.

    Hope this helps
  2. good advice if anyone has more by all means more the better. yes it is for gaming also.
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