What Quiet Tower Air Cooler for Silverstone FT02 case and i7-930?

I'm looking for a quiet tower type air cooler for my i7-930 in a Silverstone FT-02 case. The manual says it can be max 165mm. I found the Noctua NHU12PSE2 that specs at 158mm tall. That would only give 7 mm clearance. WDYT?

Can any recommend another good (and quiet) tower type cooler that's a bit shorter to allow a little more leeway?

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    I would go with the Noctua NH-D14 for about the best cooling vs noise. It would have about the same clearance as would most other top line air coolers like the Mega, TRUE or VX. The clearance should cause no problems.

    Possible clearance could be more with the motherboard between the NB hs or tall ram sticks.

    You can look at that pic of my case and see that my true covers 1 ran slot that if I used it would require a normal sized stick.
  2. Just about all of the tall tower style cpu heatsinks are around 160mm in height give or take a couple of millimeters. They will fit in pc cases that are at least 8 inches wide. For shorter tower style cpu heatsinks you would have to drop down to one equipped with a 90mm fan:

    here is a link to a good web site with info about heatsink noise:
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