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My system crashed and now I have no sound and my video display is way to large and I can't correct it because I get no option. Video is set at 640 x 480 16 bits and gives no option to adust. Can you help me fix this. I am broke and can't afford to pay for anything. My email is
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  1. the video seems to be a driver issue.
    the sound is either a driver issue or a sound setting in the control panel.

    have you tried the Dell website and downloaded the drivers for the sound and video?

    it would really help to know what the model number it is.
  2. Thanks for your help. I've tried the Dell site and all I get is it not not supported anymore, so I can't even get info on what kind of hardware I have. The when I click audio properties it tells me no hardware found, but there is hardware. Do you know of any software I could download and get to fix these problems for free. I'm broke :( Again thanks for your help
  3. it would really help to know what the model number of computer is.
  4. It's a Dell XPS Professional Dimension 3000. It's not the setting. There is no option to change the video setting and the sound doesn't work either. Thanks for you help Emerald
  5. If you get fed up with driver issues like me, try to add a PCI card for VGA for which you have drivers. Many add on cards have better performance also.
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