Front panel audio problems

I recently posted a new thread asking for advise on a new case because of the front panel and cooling issues I was having with my old one.

After hearing the advice I decided to buy a Cosmos 1000 and my temps are down more than 20 degrees but I still have the same front panel audio problem as before.

My front panel headphone jacks output a lot of static and noise. The sound changes when I move my mouse or move and resize windows.

I have had this problem with two different Lian Li cases and now the Cosmos 1000 but I do not have the problem with a Silverstone SST-FP32 3.5" front panel bay.

Back when I first discovered the problem I thought it was a problem with my motherboard so I had it RMAed but the problem was not resolved.

Since then I have also replaced my graphics card and power supply yet the problem remains.

I have no idea what is causing this problem and I am hoping somebody here might know how to solve this annoying issue.
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  1. Are the front jacks wiring real close or laying on any parts,maybe causing interference?
  2. Yes the wire passes very close to my tv tuner but the problem is still there even when I remove my tuner.
  3. What kind of mb or soundcard??
  4. Intel DP35DP integrated sound.
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